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INFRAMUNDO pattern for Bumesi´s 2021 Collection “Montaña Migrante”



BUMESI constructs clothing, sculpture, and video art from her perspective on the other side of the border in the United States.  She writes a map of messages printed on rolls of ribbon, sewing into the seams of the garments, like secret messages that can be torn and tied, leaving traps or traces of the path of the migrants. The wearable garments are also political sculptural statements and speak about the meeting of life and death, separation and unity, distance and language. BUMESI adds a satirical political message of how all involved are holding onto the dream of being on top of a mountain. Whether it’s for power control or to pursue the American dream, freedom remains unattainable for both sides and they struggle in their own Sisyphus-like state of climbing up the migrant mountain.

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